No one is a prophet in his country, you say?…Well, think again!…There is surely one in Morocco, and in the artistic milieu as well, a milieu known for its fierce competition, if not to say murder. And it's not the young and talented rapper ElGrande Toto who will tell us the opposite!... Since the release of his first album, Chameleon, the title of this rapper, 26, with an impressive international reputation, are in the firmament of the world rankings. On the platform listening online Spotify already accumulated tens of millions of streams. His videos, as soon as they are posted on YouTube, is immediately reflected in the global trends! And as that was not enough, yesterday during his showcase at Megarama Casablanca (who had also quick Sold-Out and surprising) ElGrande Toto, was able to announce to his audience totally acquired his Moroccan version of the single " Love Nwantiti "of Ckay, was able to win the Gold Record! ... an unprecedented performance for a Moroccan rapper!

Indeed, this title achieved in record time an accumulation of more than 109,995,415 streams on Spotify. Hit, released in 2020 since, and always present in the top 10 of Spotify Charts Morocco. 26 years old only, ElGrandeToto will surely have time to surprise us again in the coming years by other performances and other trophies, because for him, his career in rap is only a "dream kid which has become a reality. " So wish him, his dream lasts as long as possible!

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