Moroccan E-Sports Team to Compete in Free Fire World Series 2022

Morocco’s Warriors in Mask (WASK) team will represent Morocco in the Esport’s Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2022 which will begin on May 14 and conclude on May 21 in Sentosa, Singapore. This international tournament will see 22 teams from 13 regions around the world, which will be competing for the title of “Free Fire world champions,” and win the $2 million (MAD 20 million) in prize money. WASK, formerly known as MCES Africa, is one of Morocco’s many e-sports competitive teams. With back-to-back wins in the Free Fire Arab League cups, WASK is Morocco’s best Free Fire professional team.

WASK’s latest achievement saw the team win the tier 2 of the Free Fire Arab League Season 5 in April 2022, bringing home a cash prize of $17,600 (MAD 176,450). This win allowed them to qualify for the FFWS 2022 Sentona world championship. Read also: E-sports: Casablanca’s Morocco Mall Hosts Free Fire-BTS Event WASK was founded in 2020 under the label MCES Africa, as a part of the International MCES e-sports professional team, based in France. MCES Africa changed its name to WASK in May 2022. WASK’s founder and CEO, Tarik Belghazi spoke to Morocco World News, about the challenges that his team faced along the way. Belghazi said that the path to the world series was like “climbing a rough mountain without any safety tools.”

Due to the fact that E-sports was a new industry in Morocco, many people did not understand it. Thus, the team struggled with lack of financing and community support. The most difficult step for WASK was to instill a professional team spirit in which duties and discipline took precedence over personal interests, which Belghazi has succeeded in doing and raising a roster of professional Moroccan players. WASK’s CEO was happy to represent, on an international scale, the Moroccans that gave the team their love and support. He was pleased to learn that WASK’s technical and tactical skills were recognized to the point of competing on an international level at the Free Fire events. Belghazi prefers to adhere to the Moroccan spirit, which is to “work hard in silence, and to leave our [team’s] success to speak for us.”

Credit to : Morocco world news

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